“Trusting Jesus and sharing his love.”

St Andrew was established as the Darwin Lutheran Church in 1970.


St Andrew Lutheran Church
14 Trower Road, Millner
Every Sunday Morning at 8.30 AM


Fellowship between believers is an important part of our relationship with God. We share that fellowship in worship and in the many things we do together in our daily lives.
Join us for a cuppa after the worship and you will begin to experience that fellowship. Sometimes we have social activities as well.

Children’s Church is run by a dedicated leader who teaches our children once a fortnight. They run the program during the worship service, when school is not on holidays.

A Bible Study is held each Thursday morning at 9.00 AM at the church.
* Please note due to COVID-19 Bible Studies have been suspended

Home Communion is offered to a number of people confined to their homes, once a month.