Welcome to our Christian communities.  We are a small part of the Body of Christ, who worship the Creator and Lord of the universe, as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

As members of the Lutheran Church of Australia, we share in the traditions and fellowship of a Lutheran community which exists in almost every nation on the planet.  In our worship and our fellowship we acknowledge Jesus Christ as our Saviour and gather together regularly to share in his forgiveness and peace.

As communities of the Top End we have a passion for sharing Christ’s love with those who live and work here or are on a journey through these warm climates.


Worship is at the core of our relationship with God.  When we gather together it is to receive from God his gifts of grace and forgiveness and offer our praise and thanksgiving.

Worship in our community involves songs, prayers, the reading of God’s Word and sermon either though lay service or lead by our pastor.  We experience a variety of styles in our worship, including community prayers and responses, much like the prayers found in the Psalms.

Invitation to Holy Communion

In our worship services led by Pastor, we share bread and wine in the sacrament of Holy Communion. Grape Juice is also available.  In this meal, Jesus promises all those who believe in him that they will receive forgiveness for their sins in the gift of his body and blood.

If you recognize the need for forgiveness, believe that Jesus died for you, accept that his offer of forgiveness is available for you here and now and wish to receive that forgiveness when you share in Christ’s body and blood, you are invited to come, eat and drink.

If you wish only to receive a blessing, then do not accept the bread and wine but simply cross your arms and ask for a blessing.

Congregations, Child Care, College and schools

The Top End Lutheran Parish is comprised of two congregations, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (Good Shepherd Lutheran College, Howard Springs) and St Andrew Lutheran Church (Nightcliff), The Lutheran Child Care Centre (Nightcliff) and Good Shepherd Lutheran Schools (Palmerston, Leanyer and Howard Springs.

Our Pastor

Pastor Noel Due